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Combined Day Ticket 25.7.2020 inkl. XS Carnight



Combined Full-Event Ticket inkl. XS Carnight



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Admission of persons and vehicles to the exhibition grounds **

Visitor tickets are only valid for persons entering the exhibition grounds. The ticket does not entitle the holder to enter the exhibition grounds with a private vehicle.

XS CarNight

Visitors and exhibitors of the Performance & Style Days Hannover can buy a separate ticket for the XS CarNight on 25 July 2020 directly on the exhibition grounds at the entrance to the event. The price for the XS CarNight ticket is 20 €.

Private Car Area

Private vehicles have the opportunity to apply for the "Private Car Area". A jury of experts decides which vehicles will be shown. The application phase starts on 14 November 2019. Application documents and further information on the application procedure will be available from November 2019 on the website: and via the social media channels.

Explanation: Order your ticket here, print it, and take it along to Performance and Style Days Hannover 2020 for fast and easy entry. All ticket prices are online prices. On site all tickets will cost 2€ extra.